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Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Iran Tehran. The Sierra Leone Embassy in Tehran is headed by H.E Ambassador Alie Badara Kamara - Ambassador of Sierra Leone to Iran, who is also accredited to Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Iraq. The Sierra Leone Embassy in Iran is a bilateral mission in Tehran and promotes Sierra Leone interests in Iran and other accredited countries. The embassy of Sierra Leone also plays an important role in development, cultural affairs, and Investment.


His Excellency Ambassador Alie Badara Kamara Presents  his Letter of credentials to the President of Armenia.
 Tuesday 20 October 19th 2021.
Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran designated to the Republic of Armenia, His Excellency Alie Badara Kamara, has formally presented his Credentials to the President of the Republic of Armenia, Armenia Sarkissian, as the accredited Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia.
His Excellency Ambassador Alie Badara Kamara Presents copies of his credentials to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Monday October 19th 2021.
Sierra Leone’s ambassador to the Islamic republic of Iran, accredited to Armenia, His Excellency Ambassador Alie Badara Kamara, presented copies of his Credentials to the Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Vahe Gorgyan. Talking about the bilateral relations between the two countries, Ambassador Kamara said Sierra Leone and Armenia have a 2 decades relationship, but he observed that the two nations have not fully explored the strong ties that should exist between them, especially in the area of business opportunities for the benefit of all. Ambassador Alie Badara Kamara said that Sierra Leone is open for business and is seeking serious investors who are ready for business opportunities and to partner in ways that will promote Sierra Leone and Armenia.
Ambassador Alie Badara Kamara (right) Presenting His Credentials to the President of Pakistan - Dr. Arif Alvi (left)

Presentation of Credentials to the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

As Sierra Leone Ambassador Alie Badara Kamara presents his credentials to the president of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the President calls for enhanced cooperation between the two countries. 

In January 2021, H.E Ambassador Allie Badara Kamara, Sierra Leone's Ambassador to Iran and designate to Pakistan and other Asian countries presented his credentials to the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi. Presenting his credentials to the President of Pakistan, H.E. Alie Badara Kamara conveyed kind felicitation from the President and the people of Sierra Leone to the government and people of Pakistan. He articulated President Bio's vision, especially that of fighting corruption which was why he had to set up the Commissions of Inquiry to investigate past governmet officials. H.E. Badara Kamara stressed President Bio's determination to fight corruption so as to be able to make the country investment friendly, and adhering to best practice. He further informed the President of Pakistan about President Bio's flagship project - the Free Quality Eduction that has benefited over two million pupils in just two years. H.E Badara Kamara lured the President and people of Pakistan that Sierra Leone under President Bio is now ready for investment. On the bilateral front, H.E. Badara Kamara mentioned the good bilateral relation between Pakistan and Sierra Leone spanning over 40 years, and that Sierra Leone has benefited immensely from Pakistan. He expressed gratitude for the role Pakistanis Army played during the eleven years civil war in Sierra Leone. He said president Bio is always ready to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries. Receiving his Credentials, the president of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi called for continued and enhanced trade, investments, defence and cultural cooperation with Sierra Leone for the benefit of the two countries. President Arif Alvi said Pakistan is home to some of the world’s most reserved Buddhist sites, and expressed hope that tourists from friendly countries would visit the Pakistan. The President of Pakistan congratulated H.E Ambassador Alie Badara Kamara for his new appointment, and expressed hope that they will play their role in promoting commercial and cultural relation between the two countries. In the same engagement, H.E. Badara Kamara was joined by his counterparts who are resident Ambassadors from South Korea, Nepal, Belarus and Ambassador designate of Ireland, Kosovo and Mali. H.E. Ambassador Kamara also made courtesy call on the Foreign Secretary and held fruitful discusstion to strengthen the bilateral cooperation. Ambassador Badara Kamara implored both countries to have military cooperation that will create training opportunities and ideas on how to strengthen their military. H.E. Badara Kamara also held meeting with businessmen in his hotel assuring them of security and conducive enviroment for investment, has they have expressed interest to come to Sierra Leone.  Read More News


Armenia’s biggest Diamonds company- ADM DIAMONDS has expressed interest to invest in Sierra Leone at a function held for investors in Armenia by the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran to resume Parliamentary visits to Sierra Leone.

Early this week, In the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Chairperson, IRAN- SIERRA LEONE Parliamentary friendship group AliReza Salimi (MP) has called on Sierra Leone’s ambassador to Iran Allie Badara Kamara to extend invitation to Sierra Leone members of parliament to visit Iran. Even though the two countries share strong bilateral relations, Mr. AliReza Salimi said the legislative bodies in the two countries can achieve a lot by sharing ideas and good practices in Parliament.
Sierra Leone Ambassador, H.E Alie Badara Kamara opening the Sierra Leone Consulate in Lebanon.

Official Opening of the Sierra Leone Consulate in  Lebanon

Sierra Leone's Ambassador to Tehran Iran, H.E Alie Badara Kamara has officially opened the country's consulate in Lebanon. In a statement at the opening ceremony, H. E Alie Badara Kamara *(Sierra Leone Ambassador to Iran accredited to most countries in the Middle East) said the newly established consular office will serve as the official administrative building of the government of Sierra Leone in the capital city of Lebanon, Beirut. "The office will assist and protect the citizens of Sierra Leone and help cordinate trade and friendship between the two countries". He said. Earlier this year, the government of President Bio has in the 2019- 2023 Mid Term National Development plan prioritized private Sector led development as a key strategy to generate economic growth and employment opportunities. He reiterated the country is ready for business and opening a consulate in Beruit sends a strong message to current and would be investors. The honorary Consul of the republic of Sierra Leone in Lebanon, Hashim Hashim said, it has been the dream of President Bio to open a consulate office in Lebanon. He said the consulate will provide services for residents or traveling nationals from Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone and Lebanon have enjoyed a relatively stable bilateral relations, it has not been devoid of its own challenges. Sierra Leoneans living in Lebanon have in the past faced challenges in accessing work permit and the recent story of stranded Sierra Leoneans in Lebanon is a testament that Sierra Leoneans have had a fair share of their struggles in the Middle East. Filled in by Elizabeth Davidson Campbell, information attachè, Islamic Republic of Iran.  Read More News



10 December 2020
I officially opened the country’s consulate in Lebanon, which is one of the countries I am accredited to in the Middle east. In my open statement, I emphasized that the newly established consular office will serve as the official administrative building of the government of Sierra Leone in the capital city of Lebanon, =Beirut and the office will assist and protect the citizens of Sierra Leone and help coordinate trade and friendship between the two countries.